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    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Katie a number of times over the years and at different companies and would recommend her wholeheartedly.  Most recently, I’ve worked with her to build trust, momentum and alignment with a new team tasked with one of the bank’s highest profile strategic initiatives. The expectations were high in an area where we had little experience and I needed someone I could trust to help build the culture and team behaviours we needed to be successful.  Katie was able to foster relationships with each member of the team to become not only my trusted advisor, but theirs too.  With her help, we were able to rise to the challenge and launch multiple products in our Beyond Banking business line expanding our reach to better serve both our customers and our shareholders.
    Richard Thomas
    VP and Head of Business Ventures, RBC
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    Katie is a powerful coach with a natural gift for building high-performance teams. She understands what makes people tick and cuts through the noise and knows exactly what a team needs. I’ve facilitated with Katie many times and I’m always impressed by her ability to read the energy of a room and deliver big results. If you have the opportunity to work with Katie, I’d highly recommend you take it. She is absolutely brilliant.
    Julie Zuzek
    The Corporate Yogi
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    Katie's unique ability to observe, sense, empathize, and explain complex business and leadership relations has significantly developed my thinking and my actions. She was especially helpful in a few areas: fostering an environment where it’s safe to speak up; pushing dialogue forward on the tough topics; inspiring those around her to show up better. Additionally, she has a host of effective tools & tactics for empowering new leaders and is able to guide them through real-time scenarios.  Katie has my strong recommendation.      
    Lauren Ledwell
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    Katie has a special gift that enables her to help professionals perfect their strengths and build on opportunities to become the best version of themselves.  Over the last few months, I have had the great pleasure of working directly with Katie on a few goals and have seen immediate impact in the areas of communications for greatest results, leading with strategic purpose and managing diverse teams.  The ability to navigate through complex corporate behaviors while preserving ones’ authenticity is a balance not easily achieved. Through Katie’s coaching I have been able to find that balance and am confident in my abilities to push business objectives forward while maintaining my own personal standards. I highly recommend Katie – her energy, approach and experience have definitely made a difference in my day to day corporate life and to our group culture as a whole. Thank you Katie for being you and all the great work you’ve done – looking forward to our continued relationship.
    Tia Lo
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    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Katie for the past year. During this time, she has become instrumental in my personal and professional growth. Katie always asks the right questions which have enabled me to make solid decisions and take action. She’s consistently introducing me to new concepts and areas of interest. Her coaching style is very effective and allows me to continuously think about how I deal with difficulties while also not being afraid pursue new challenges. Her coaching and mentorship has allowed me to push my boundaries and deal with uncomfortable situations. I’m always in awe of Katie’s ability to command a room and enable people to share and engage in conversations about difficult topics. Her insights, great questions and overall support have been integral to my growth as an individual and team member. Katie earns my highest recommendation and I have absolutely no doubt that anyone would be very lucky to work with her.  
    Mahfuzur Muhith
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    I had the privilege of working on a cross-functional team under Katie's direction. Her ability to 'translate' between the language of our clients' businesses, and the language of technology and analytics, enabled us to perform effectively, with all parties appreciating what the different functions brought to the table. Katie's positivity, willingness to both teach and learn, and unfailing energy enabled the team to be effective even when difficulties arose - and to have fun in the process! I would recommend working with Katie without hesitation. She truly builds awesome teams!
    Helena Barkla